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DVP01PU-S Position Control PLC Module
DVP01PU-S is mainly applicable to the speed or position control of step or servo drive systems. With a PLC, 8 axes can be connected at the same time with maximum 200kPPS pulse output and many built-in control modes. The user can read or write the data in DVP01PU-S by FROM/TO instruction by using the program in DVP-SS/SA/SX/SC series PLC main processing unit for conducting a position control. DVP01PU-S is suitable for equipment requiring higher motion reaction.
The System Connection

There are 8 position control modes in DVP01PU-S:

DVP01PU-S provides 3 pulse output methods: Pulse/Dir, FP(CW)/RP(CCW), A/B phase

Applicable instructions: FROM/TO(See “DVP-PLC Application Manual: Programming”. Download it at

Principles & techniques for the application:

(1) When using FROM/TO instructions to set up parameters and modes, avoid using M1000 as the condition contact.

(2) When using FROM/TO instructions, use FROMP/TOP instead of FROM/TO.

(3) Avoid unnecessary use of FROM/TO instructions.
The 3 program design principles greatly shorten the scan time.

(4) Send the control signals directly to the terminals on DVP01PU-S.

(5) Use optical sensor to transmit control signals.
 The 2 techniques greatly boost the response time.

DVP01PU-S Demo Kit

DWiring of Demo Kit

DVP01PU-S can be applied in equipment adopting single axis or many axes. See below applications:

Download relevant technical documents of DVP01PU-S at our website:

  • Position control, pulse input/output
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