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How do I read and backup the basic internal devices (registers and relays) in a PLC through ISPSoft software?

Step 1. Enable Delta ISPsoft, click [PLC] and select [Edit Register Memory (T, C, D)] from the drop-down menu to open the [Edit Register Memory] dialog window.

Step 2. Click the [Transfer] button in the [Edit Register Memory] dialog window below.

Step 3. The [Transfer Setup] window appears as below. Select [Read from PLC Device Register] and check all the boxes next to“Bank” in the [Bank Area Setup] option. Then, click the [OK] button to perform the backup.

Step 4. The dialog window pops up to indicate that the backup is in progress.

Step 5. After the backup is completed, the backup data registers are read and displayed in the table of the [Edit Register Memory] dialog window.

Users can follow the same steps above to read and backup the relays and other internal devices in a PLC.

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