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  Delta is proud to announce that its new flagship inverter, the RPI M50A, is now available for customers in Europe.
The M50A is designed for use in large to very large scale commercial PV systems and features world leading power density-to-size ratio in the 50 kVA inverter class (397 kW/m3 or 6.5 watts/in3). Therefore, it is much more compact than many other inverters in the 30 to 50 kVA power class.

Replaceable AC and DC-side type 2 surge protection devices (SPDs) as well as string fuses are already integrated into the inverter. The AC connector together with the MC4 DC connectors ship standard with the inverter.. These smart features will not only simplify installation planning but also save up to 40% on system accessories and as a result signficantly reduce installation costs.

The inverter features a very high maximum efficiency of 98.6 % and dual MPP trackers that ensure the PV plant owner will get the maximum yield possible from the PV system.

For the system planner, maximum flexibility is ensured thanks to a wide input voltage range of 200 – 1000 V and the dual MPP trackers. Furthermore, the M50A also supports symmetrical and asymmetrical loading of the DC inputs (60/40 %) which can increase yield in such applications as east/west roof installations, where modules are orientated in different directions.

The M50A is easily installed with a wall mount bracket that follows a similar installation concept as with the Delta SOLIVIA TL-series inverters. A bracket is attached with screws onto a wall surface or metal frame and the inverter is simply hung onto the bracket. The light weight of 74 kg in its performance class also simplifies the installation of the M50A.

As with all the Delta inverters, the new RPI M50A is compatible with major types of PV modules and features a robust weatherproof IP65 rated enclosure providing solid performance for many years in outdoor installations, even in harsh climates. The M50A is also compatible with major professional monitoring systems as well as SOLIVIA Monitor, Delta’s own PV system monitoring solution.
News Source: Delta EMEA
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