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Delta's Building Management and Control System (BMCS) combines innovative software technology and various international protocols to effectively integrate heating and cooling sources, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, electricity, security and other building facilities. Building management software offers an all-in-one platform that integrates control and equipment operation management, and can connect to a wide range of office automation, hotel management, and property management systems. Delta's BMCS facilitates successful smart buildings and enhances operation efficiency.

Delta Electronics has partnered with LOYTEC Electronics GmbH, an Austria-based company that has many years of experience in the fields of building automation and control. Together, we provide a comprehensive building management and integrated control platform across the different communication protocols, and also offer one-stop solutions with localized services.

L-WEB Building Management
The integrated building management software LWEB‑900 provides a user interface to manage and operate the building management system. LWEB‑900 is a highly flexible and scalable solution which accompanies users from installation and configuration of LOYTEC devices, all the way to daily operation of the facilities. Thus, a common user interface for the building automation system is available at all phases of the project. Users and service technicians can monitor, operate, and configure the buildings' technical equipment remotely using standard IP technology.

L-ROC Room Automation
The L-ROC Room Controller provides the basics for a revolutionary room automation system based on IP, which seamlessly integrates with native BACnet/ IP networks and LonMark systems at the controller level. Together with the L-STUDIO software, flexible room solutions can be created with little efforts and changed on demand. All graphical user interfaces and network connections are automatically generated and adapted accordingly.

L-INX Automation Server
The L-INX Automation Servers are powerful, programmable automation stations, which provide connectivity functions to concurrently integrate CEA-709 (LonMark Systems), BACnet, KNX, Modbus, and M-Bus subsystems. The gateway functionality enables data communication between all communication technologies available on the device. L-INX Automation Servers also support the automatic generation of connections to substantially reduce engineering efforts and costs.

L-VIS Touch Panel
L-VIS Touch Panels for visualization and operation in LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks are perfectly suitable for local operation and offer various remote access options that can be used simultaneously. Real-time alarming, scheduling and trending can be presented on L-VIS Touch Panels due to integration with L-WEB System. Alerts can be sent via e-mails periodically or triggered by events. L-VIS Touch Panels bring an amazing flexibility and versatility of different customized views and functions.

L-DALI Lighting Control
L-DALI Controllers are multifunctional devices combining constant light control, sunblind control, and gateway functions between LonMark and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) systems. L-DALI offers superior lighting control applications with DALI gateway functions. These functions can be used to connect to the DALI subsystem in a building automation system or integrate into existing automation systems to realize room automation solutions.

For more product information, please refer to the LOYTEC website.
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