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Togocel, the largest mobile phone provider in Togo, Africa, needed to expand their cellular tower network beyond the cities and deploy BTS equipment for 200 sites that lacked grid availability. Diesel generator sets are typically used to power these sites, but they are expensive to run due to high fuel costs and extensive maintenance.

As an alternative, Delta’s renewable hybrid power solution became a good choice for Togocel’s off-grid BTS sites – capable of providing a secure source of power supply that is modular, requires low maintenance and available at affordable cost.

The Delta hybrid power solution for Togocel is made up of a primary power source from an off-grid 4.83 kWp PV system with battery storage and a diesel genset as the backup power source.

By using the PV power source and high-efficiency Delta power conversion equipment, Togocel now has a stable power supply for 200 telecom base sites and operation of diesel generator sets has been greatly reduced. Already the customer has seen OPEX drop by 60% and have achieved a much smaller carbon footprint thanks to the environmentally friendly Delta hybrid power solution.
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  Hybrid Renewable Power Solution
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200 sites throughout Togo, Africa
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