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The environment protection issue has becoming significant over the past few years. If in our daily life we can adjust the running speed of the motor drive when it is in full speed or stops depending on our demand on air-conditioning and water supply, we can extend the life of the machine, reduce noises as well as the electricity consumption. Nevertheless, approximately how much energy can be saved when we do temperature or flow control? How should we make judgement at the initial stage? Should we adopt an AC motor drive instead? All these questions are answered by the following simple calculations.

Calculate How Much Energy You Can Save
When the motor is used in general fans or pumps, its pressure or head is in proportional to the square of the frequency (i.e. running speed) and third power of the consumed power. However, if the running speed of the motor reduces to its half, the output power will drop to 1/8 of the original power consumption, which is a great amount of energy saved.

The relation among the motor running speed (N), quantity of flow (Q), head (H) and power consumed (P):
(1) Q1/Q2=N1/N2, Q is in proportional to N; 
(2) H1/H2=(N1/N2)2, H is in proportional to N’s square; 
(3) P1/P2=(N1/N2)3, P is in proportional to N’s third power. 

Enter the known data of your equipment into the calculation chart below.

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For example:
Power supply frequency: 60 or 50 Hz
Motor capacity: ____ kW
Electricity charge/kWh: ____ (your currency)
Working days/year: ____ days
Purchase cost: ______ (price of your frequency inverter)
Installation cost: ______ (price of installation)
Working conditions: EX: Running at 20Hz for _____ Hr (hours)

Enter the actual running hours of the motor and make sure the total hours do not exceed 24 hours a day. The CO 2 emission is based on every 1 kWh of electricity produces 0.638kg CO 2 . Click “ Calculate ” and you will obtain the years needed for the cost return and the electricity saved if the motor runs in energy-saving mode. However, in reality, you have to take into consideration the running efficiency and power factors of the motor.

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Source : Delta IABU Solution Center
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