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  Вопросы и ответы

How many remote I/O points are there in a Delta CNC controller? What is the wiring format?

How do I work on the parameter settings when using the servo drive ASDA-A2 series with the human machine controller HMC series?

How do I read and backup the basic internal devices (registers and relays) in a PLC through ISPSoft software?

The manual for Delta’s Active Power Filter 2000 series prohibits lifting the APF2000 from the side, laying it with the side to the ground, or tilting the APF200A43X-XX and APF30A43X-XX models that are designed for ground installation at an angle. Why is this prohibited?

What are the maximum groups of variables, maximum offset groups of workpiece coordinates, and maximum tool length compensation groups that the Delta's CNC controller can provide?

How does Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System HES Series perform independent control and communication control for convergent flow?

The ASDA-Soft Configuration Software provides an MSizing Tool function. Using this function, how do I select the appropriate servo motors?

What software is applicable for Delta’s Programmable Logic Controllers?

What is closed-loop/open-loop control?

How should I do when the actual speed is different from the desired speed?

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