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Vingparken Conference ensures meeting success for everyone thanks to Vivitek

Modern ways of working and the tools we use to do our work have challenged the conventional model of the fixed workplace. Thanks to increased connectivity and mobility, you’re as likely to pop into a café to participate in a conference call as you are to go there to enjoy a coffee. However, even in the age of Skype and video-conferencing, one thing hasn’t changed – people still need to, and like t..>
December 2016
Delta’s Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters Bring High Energy Efficiency to a Cluster of Solar PV Plants in Denmark with a Total Capacity of 50.4MW

Delta's state-of-the-art PV inverter technology has been successfully integrated into a conglomerate of 126 solar PV power plants located in Vandel, Denmark totalling 50.4MW in AC output capacity. ...>
December 2016
Delta installs infrastructure solutions at the data center of the Experimental Demonstration Center of the Digital Enterprise Consortium

Delta announced the successful completion of the project for installation of air conditioning and UPS infrastructure solutions at the server room of the Digital Enterprise Consortium Experimental Demonstration Center....>
November 2016
Delta installed its power system in the Data Center IMAQLIQ in St.Petersburg in co-operation with Tempesto, a Delta Electronics partner.

IMAQLIQ company provides its customers with a wide range of services. In particular, it offers a possibility of renting server rooms and telecommunication ...>
February 2016
British appliance company starts to include almost the entire Delta Power Electronics product portfolio in their existing and potential business opportunities

In 2013 a well-known, innovative and high end British appliance manufacturer started to implement their new expansion strategy....>
November 2015
Abandoned buildings in Lynow, Germany, transformed into 1.56 MW PV plant featuring Delta M50A inverters

A total of 6,000 solar modules and 30 Delta RPI M50A solar inverters with 50 kW output were installed in the system. ...>
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