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Surveillance intelligente

Surveillance intelligente

Solutions - Surveillance intelligente
Delta Intelligent Surveillance offers the customizable Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) solutions, which integrates three subsystems: the Intelligent Video Central Monitoring Platform, the Video Surveillance System, and the Intelligent Video Analysis System, to fulfill actual needs of surveillance. The IVS solution’s compliance with standard protocols, such as Modbus, ONVIF, and others, easily confers a seamless connectivity to larger systems and other systems such as SCADA, network cams, entrance access, ambient control, and fire safety systems.

The versatility of the Delta IVS solutions provides extensive system scalability, for not only the quantities but also the varieties of devices that can be deployed within the bigger system. It effectively eliminates response latency, human over-dependency, and post-event retrieval difficulties for a truly automated and highly reliable security surveillance system.

Powered by a flexible framework of our system modules, Delta solutions can offer any customization to your video surveillance systems for security and control purposes, such as airport custom check system integrated with dynamic facial recognition and video surveillance systems for highways, metro stations, or central command. Integrated with our Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Technology, video surveillance is transformed from passive monitoring stations into powerful active surveillance systems that achieve true intelligent security automation with advanced forewarning that goes far to fulfilling the vision for smart cities.

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