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Delta Integrated Building Energy Management Service

Delta Integrated Building Energy Management Service

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According to a Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) survey, energy costs account for 30% of the annual operating cost for an average company, which is the highest unit cost of operation. Based on a building life-cycle of 50 years, the effective management and reduction of energy consumption can enhance building operating efficiency, business operating efficiency, and return on investment at the same time.

With core capabilities in energy management and equipment control, Delta Electronics has spent more than one decade on green building R&D and implementation. Delta has combined its acquired knowledge and accumulated field experience with the latest building automation concepts and tools to launch its intelligent green building solutions. Delta’s integrated one-stop service combines planning, design, and construction to help customers achieve an eco-friendly, energy-saving, intelligent, and comfortable business or work environment with the most economical and effective methods. This service also helps building operators, managers, and users to improve building management and operation; analyze and minimize building energy consumption; optimize space use; and minimize environmental impact. The ultimate goal is to minimize building energy consumption and operating cost as well as the total operating cost of buildings within their life-cycle.

  Features and Benefits
The Delta Integrated Building Energy Management Service is a one-stop service which tailors individual solutions to meet the intelligent and green building demands of different customers.
Use of active control technology ensures reliable and effective operation and maintenance without sacrificing environmental responsibility.
Visualizes energy management, operation, and maintenance information for making building decisions and automatic control.
Ensures safety and inside building amenities for users.
Delta’s BEMS delivers intelligent management for a high-performance, energy-saving, and comfortable building with central surveillance, CCTV, parking management integrating air-conditioning, lighting, electricity, water supply and drainage, and fire equipment.
Unitary integrated platform for convenient management minimizes management inefficiencies of system distribution.
Assists in applying for green building and intelligent building marks.
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