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Delta Energy Online is an enterprise-grade energy management system that provides facility managers and property owners with real-time and historical global/regional/building energy use and visualized analysis reports. The system offers advanced features such as an EnPI calculator and demand control that allow you to implement and audit the results of a strategic energy-saving approach for buildings anywhere in the world.
  Aggregate, Manage, Utilize Energy Data
  Integration with Smart Control Fulfills Dynamic Demands for Savings and Comfort
Delta Energy Online offers a flexible platform, compatible with 3rd party devices and systems. It integrates environmental sensing and smart control to enhance the operation efficiency of major energy-use equipment without sacrificing comfort. With the separable system architecture of the Delta Centre data collection service, web server, and database, Delta Energy Online can flexibly fit a user's dynamic field requirements and provide a web-based energy management protocol to enable global users to gather energy data information from scattered sites and use centralized energy management. Users can benefit from more savings with the advanced features of Expert System such as automated operating set point adjustment, fuzzy inference control for variable frequency drives, and demand control.
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