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Today, automation product development and technological advancement have solved many problems for systems developers in the factory automation market. Plants, peripheral equipment and communication devices all require the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions in order to help customers in a variety of critical missions in all kinds of environments and to meet customers' strict requirements for reliability.

Delta Electronics has devoted itself to the factory automation industry for years and has a strong sense of mission in this area. Through its research and development arm, Delta has a complete automation product line including powerful AC motor drives, AC servo drives, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, machine vision systems, temperature controllers and more. In addition, Delta provides complete and reliable solutions such as energy-saving systems for elevators, air conditioners, lighting, air compressors and power quality improvement to significantly reduce energy consumption for customers, increase overall plant energy efficiency and capacity, and provide energy management and production line visualization management interfaces to help customers succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.
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