Heat Exchangers
  Best cooling choice of your outdoor cabinets

Complete Standard product Range from 50W/K~ 260W/K
Smaller and Lighter than current solutions
High reliable with IP55 protection, and UL, TUV, and CE certificate
"One touch" dry run test and dust cleaning
Optional communication function design
Easy installation and maintenance from internal side
Simply LED status indicator
High efficiency and reliable fan selection
  Modularized HEX solutions for flexible design, and cost effectiveness
Cost Effective solution by modularized design
Multiple application for door mount and top mount
Optional heater device for customer choice
Dual direction Air supply to increase internal cooling airflow
  Smaller and Lighter for at least 10% weight/dimension saving
Special thermal core design make your HEX smaller and lighter
Optimized thermal dynamic solutions upgrade thermal performance
High Efficient Fan selections enable longer product life
  Delta Heat exchanger can provide customized solutions

Value added form Delta thermal expertise
Dedicate professional thermal engineer team to maximize thermal performance.
Experienced production team to implement process control and increase efficiency.
High reliability requirement to assure best protection of your enclosure integrity.
Product List
  Internal Door Mount
  External Door Mount
  Top Mount
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